How do I water my new sod lawn?

watering_new_sod_01For your new SOD lawn:

  • Water 2 times per day for the time indicated below.
  • Water every day for the 2nd week.
  • Water every other day for the 3rd week.
  • From the 4th week on, water 3 times per week until seasonal weather changes require a change in watering practices.

If you have ROTARY sprinklers: In full sun, water 10-20 minutes per zone.

If you have SPRAY sprinklers: In full sun, water 10-15 minutes per zone.

To test if you are applying enough water to your new sod lawn, pull back a piece of sod that is not yet rooted and check the soil underneath. It should be damp and cool. If the soil is dry or saturated, you should fine-tune your watering periods. Perform this test in different locations of your yard. Once you have done this test a few times and your sod is rooted, you will have a feel for its regular watering needs.

Actual watering times and frequencies should be adjusted depending on seasonal temperatures or rainfall amounts. Treat your sprinkler controller as if it were a thermostat in your home; if your lawn seems too dry, increase the time settings to water longer.